Research, Development and Innovation

For Nicolás Correa, investment in the human and material resources required for research, development and innovation (R&D&I) activities has traditionally been a commitment to the future, and this is even more so today.

The machine tool sector is increasingly dynamic and competitive. Customers not only demand machines with superior features, but also the guarantee that capital investment made will bring significant benefits in increased productivity. In this context, the capacity to innovate constantly and offer new services oriented toward the customer is one of the main pillars upholding a company's ability to grow and generate value.

In keeping with this firm conviction, Nicolás Correa has a strong R&D&I department, which takes part in several cutting-edge projects in Spain and Europe, besides the company's own projects. In this way, Nicolás Correa plays an active role in the development of the technology integrated into the milling machines of the future (linear motors, ceramic bearings for high speed electrical spindles, light structures, machining with minimum lubrication, advanced adapting control, data capture systems in the plant, remote technical service, etc.)
Apart from the opportunities afforded by integrating new technology into the design of machines, there is a second string upholding R&D&I activities: the customer's own needs. Therefore, several internal programs and joint projects in which Nicolás Correa takes part seek the overall definition of technological manufacturing processes that provide an integral answer to the needs of customers.

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