Successful promotion meeting "Nicolas Correa - Changzhou"

On the 14th of July Nicolas Correa and Jiangsu Xingye Machine Equipment Company succesfully hold a promotion meeting in Changzhou. We invited more than 20 companies and schools with 30 representatives, mainly from Changzhou, who were specialized in Wind Power, Railway, Mould & Die and General Machining.

During the morning meeting, Nicolas Correa Kunming's General Manager, Hector Aliende, introduced the general information of Nicolas Correa and its products. In the afternoon, he introduced the different applications of Nicolas Correa machines for Wind Power, Railway, Mould & Die, Capital Goods and General Machining industries, illustrating with some videos. aTo finish with, they we also introduced the unique advantages of our milling head technology, in which all the representatives were very interested.

Know-how and technology working for you!

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